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  • Membership fees can be paid by monthly auto-withdrawal from a bank account, or by cash/check as a quarterly prepayment. 

       (see registration form. You may also prepay for 6 or 12 months with a               monthly auto-withdraw membership.)




  • Due to increased costs, we prefer not to use debit/credit cards for membership payments.


  • There will be a $15 fob fee for replaced or unreturned key fobs upon cancellation.

Start Your Membership NOW!

1. Print & Complete your Sign-up forms:
2. Have Initial Payment Ready:

If signing up for On-Ramp, (recommended) registration fee will be waived.


If signing up for monthly automatic withdrawal for access membership, your first payment will be the registration fee plus first month's membership fee and any prorated amount (and applicable tax) in the form of a check.

If signing up for quarterly prepaid, your first payment will be the registration fee and three months' membership fees (plus any prorated amount and applicable tax) in the form of cash or check.  (eg. for regular membership: $45 registration + $90 membership fee = $135 initial payment (plus any prorated amount and applicable tax.) You are now paid for three months and should receive your next billing reminder around the first of the 1st of the month that your next payment is due.)

*Other health & wellness programs, hypnotherapy, personal training, group training and nutrition counseling are separate costs.

3. Contact Us to Pick Up Your Key:

Text or call us at: 360.355.4551,

Email us at or submit your info below and we will reach out to you!

Success! Message received.

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