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Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, & Fitness Instructor ~ (360) 355-4551

Fitness and nutrition became my greatest passion in life after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, among other food allergies, and had to drastically change my diet. A hormone imbalance was also causing fatigue and preventing me from losing the 30 pounds I wanted to lose. Adding the proper nutrition and supplements to a well-balanced fitness routine allowed me to achieve my weight loss goals, build muscle mass, and overcome an autoimmune disease. Now, my purpose is to help you feel confident in body, mind, and spirit by helping you look, feel, and perform your very best.

Dixie Burns

My training programs are designed to meet each individuals’ needs and goals, so you can achieve maximum benefits. With your training package, you will receive a structured program complete with:

        * Cardio                                                                      * Proper Form

* Core                                                                         * Nutrition Counseling

* Strength                                                                  * Supplementation

* Flexibility                                                                * Metabolic Testing

* Breathing Technique                                            * Body Composition


I educate on nutrition by teaching you how to make healthy, lifestyle changes, rather than trying out the latest diet fads that never work long-term. I motivate by encouraging my clients to believe that you can achieve what you want at any age, and at any roadblock in life. Are you ready to prove to yourself that you are stronger than your excuses?


NGH Consulting Hypnotist

AFPA Personal Trainer

AFPA Nutrition Consultant

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